pygrametl - ETL Development in Python

pygrametl is a package for creating Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) programs in Python.

The package contains several classes for filling fact tables and dimensions (including snowflaked and slowly changing dimensions), classes for extracting data from different sources, classes for optionally defining an ETL flow using steps, classes for parallelizing an ETL flow, classes for testing an ETL flow, and convenient functions for often-needed ETL functionality.

The package’s modules are:

  • datasources for access to different data sources

  • tables for giving easy and abstracted access to dimension and fact tables

  • parallel for parallelizing an ETL flow

  • JDBCConnectionWrapper and jythonmultiprocessing for Jython support

  • aggregators for aggregating data

  • steps for defining steps in an ETL flow

  • FIFODict for a dict with a limited size and where elements are removed in first-in, first-out order

  • drawntabletesting for testing an ETL flow

pygrametl is currently being maintained at Aalborg University in Denmark by the following people:

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